The park occupies a zone of transition between the boreal forests to the north, the mixed forests to the south and the Great Plains forests to the west and southwest.

About Friends of Quetico Park

The Friends of Quetico Park, established in 1984, is a community based not-for-profit charitable organization whose primary goal is the preservation of Quetico Provincial Park as a unique wilderness area. The Friends are comprised of a dedicated volunteer board of directors, general membership, and a staff that serves administrative and sales needs.

Through the profits generated by merchandise sales, membership, and donations, the Friends of Quetico Park work toward the enhancement of the interpretive, educational, and recreational objectives of Quetico Provincial Park. Summer staff members work with park employees in the Natural Heritage Education Programme and library.

The Friends have contributed by covering the cost of publications such as:

  • The reprinting of the "Plants of Quetico and the Ontario Shield" by Shan Walshe
  • "Birds of Quetico" by Dave Elder
  • "Quetico Lake Names"
  • "Pictographs of Quetico"
  • "An Illustrated History of Quetico Park" by Shirley Peruniak Other ventures include contributions to the North Side Trail Systems, Voyageur Canoe Programme, Dawson Trail Pavilion re-design, and interpretive signs development on fire ecology and fire safety.

  • A film production about the importance of wilderness is one of our new ventures currently in production.